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Advanced Dental Technology

iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner

The iTero Intraoral Scanner and it's continuous scanning design lets us scan in motion, eliminating the need to click each time we want to capture a scan. Our software automatically detects and repositions scanning start and stop points when we move to a new scanning position within the scanned segment.

Additionally, the color sensor is integrated in the iTero Element scanner, and the patented dual-aperture lens system is designed to simultaneously capture 2D images in color with highly accurate 3D laser scanning. Color scanning can make it easier for us to distinguish between gingival and tooth structures for a more precise clinical evaluation.

We use the iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner for Invisalign, braces, crowns, and bridges.


Dentist showing a patient their dental x-rays.The Nomad Pro 2® is a top of the line portable x-ray system that we utilize in our office. Nomad has revolutionized the way intraoral x-rays are taken, making the entire image acquisition process faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable to patients. The greatest advantage of the Nomad x-ray system is that it reduces patient radiation by 63 percent compared to traditional dental x-ray system! If your child is uneasy about getting an x-ray taken in a separate room, the Nomad can be taken anywhere, and our assistants can stay with your children to ease their nerves! We want the safest options for your dental health, and the Nomad plays a major role in detecting dental decay.

Water Purification

Dental researchers and microbiologists have confirmed that dental unit waterlines can be contaminated with unacceptable levels of bacteria. Yuck!

For your protection and oral health, we use DentaPure® water treatment at Dental Haven. This advanced water treatment technology was originally developed for NASA and was used to ensure that water consumed in space was free of bacteria, viruses and other harmful stuff. It truly is rocket science!

Caries Detection

At Dental Haven, we use DIAGNOdent®, a special tool that detects decay that is hidden within the pits and grooves of the tooth surface or cannot be detected with normal inspection or "probing" of a traditional dental tool. In fact, it is 35% more accurate than older methods of cavity detection. This tool is great for young or anxious patients, because the DIAGNOdent® is much less invasive than tradiational decay detecting. It is quick, simple and painless.

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