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About Dental Haven

What's a haven? A haven is a place where you go to feel cared for, comfortable and safe. That is what it's like here at Dental Haven for Children and Teens.

Dr. Alexandra and Dr. Gonzo, dentistst at Dental Haven.

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What makes Dental Haven so inviting?

First patients are welcomed by the beautiful surroundings. Our safari theme carried throughout the building is so comforting and fun that many children simply do not want to leave. (Sometimes, neither do the parents!)

The kids feel like they're at the movies while they enjoy a wide-screen television, tuned to cartoons and kid-friendly shows, from the comfort of movie theater seats. Also available are plenty of games, puzzles, books, and toys as well as a drawing and coloring table to pass any waiting time quickly.

Each time the children visit us, they can sign up to win our animal of the month. If we pick their name, we take their picture with their new friend, and it's placed on our 'wall of fame' with the winners from the other months.

But what about the dentist stuff?

Our goal is to make it as comfortable as possible for the patients from the moment they come in the door. Then when it's time for their appointment, Dr. Gonzo and Dr. Alexandra and his assistants step in to make them feel at ease. They are all skilled and friendly, giving patients the best of both worlds. They receive the best possible treatment from people who know just what they need.

At Dental Haven, we believe in gentle dental care, and do not use papoose boards (a full body restraint that many pediatric dental offices use). In fact, we don't even have one in the building. We work with children and parents alike to make your experience here memorable in a good way.

Dental Haven believes that when kids learn and practice good oral health care habits at the earliest opportunity, they will have healthy and beautiful smiles for life.

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(920) 739-6808

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2612 E. Calumet Street
Appleton, WI 54915-4104
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