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What Is Leukoplakia?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Andrew Admin
African American couple smiling together after trip to Dental Haven in Appleton, WIDo you notice white lesions on your tongue, gums, or inside the cheeks? If yes, you are suffering from leukoplakia. This condition may present itself as thick, white, or gray patches with raised hard edges. In most cases, it occurs due to smoking, but poorly fitting dentures can also contribute.

While most leukoplakia lesions are not dangerous, some may be a sign of oral cancer. For this reason, it is good to contact a dentist when you notice unusual growth or patches in the mouth.

Can You Prevent Leukoplakia?

While leukoplakia does not hurt, it can become oral cancer. This makes many people wonder whether they can prevent it. It is unclear about the exact cause of leukoplakia. This makes it challenging to know the right ways to prevent it.

Nevertheless, this condition is linked to excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Therefore, you can lower the risks of leukoplakia by limiting your intake of alcohol and tobacco.

You may also need to adjust your ill-fitting dentures to prevent ongoing irritation likely to cause the white patches. In addition, be sure to consume a balanced diet. Items such as vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants. This helps to deactivate harmful substances before they hurt the mouth tissues.

How Can You Treat Leukoplakia At Home?

The best treatment for leukoplakia is preventing the patches from becoming cancerous. In this case, you may need to change your lifestyle. This may involve limiting the use of alcohol and tobacco. A professional may also prescribe medication to clear the lesions and prevent them from spreading to other mouth tissues.

In severe cases, the specialist may suggest surgery to remove the patches. Are you suspecting leukoplakia? Contact us, and our oral surgeons will examine your mouth to determine the right way to alleviate the symptoms of leukoplakia.

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